About Us

Our Purpose

The purpose for teachers participating in Global Classrooms for Peace is to:

IMMERSE themselves in the culture, history, and life-style of different countries allowing them to then teach about other cultures from first-hand experiences;

SHARE educational challenges, curriculum ideas, teaching methods with educators worldwide;

CO-TEACH specially designed lesson plans from cross- cultural learning that promotes a greater understanding between people and cultures;

ESTABLISH ongoing communications between the students, teachers and schools of various countries via an internet portal that facilitates joint projects, shares curriculum, creates continued communication between students and the development of a true global educational resource center;

ASSIST schools without technology resources, to develop the technological capacity required to access the online educational sites; and

BRIDGE differences, extending ongoing relationships and to develop new friendships.

Who We Are

GLOBAL CLASSROOMS FOR PEACE was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of California on July 28, 2006. They will maintain a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt status.

FOUNDER, LORI HALL had a vision to create a global educational program that would teach cross-cultural understanding as a part of an early education curriculum, providing our youth with the tools for dealing with people from other cultures and backgrounds more effectively, thereby leading to a more peaceful coexistence in the future. The vision for the program was born from her international television experience and travels. Only through gaining an appreciation and understanding of the people and cultures she worked with, could she successfully establish the relationships required to create this program. Her relationships with Ambassadors, Ministers of Tourism, Education and Foreign Affairs, members of Royal Families and other related government and private sector individuals throughout the world made Global Classrooms for Peace possible. The project evolved into a program that attracted the interest of foundations and corporations creating a need for a nonprofit structure.

A GROWING NUMBER of dedicated individuals who share this vision are currently developing and implementing ideas for teacher recruitment, curriculum and travel opportunities.

TEACHERS involved are from public and private schools throughout the United States and are dedicated to helping children understand the importance of peace and acceptance.


Over a 5 year period the numbers of beneficiaries from the “face-to-face” exchange program are:

  • 15-18 overseas countries plus the USA
  • 1,800+ teachers from the USA
  • 1,800+ teachers in overseas countries
  • 90,000+ school students in overseas countries
  • 72,000+ school students within the USA