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Global Classrooms for Peace is your chance to invest in enhancing, learning and teaching opportunities for all children, their families and our teachers. Individuals interested in volunteering or working on a committee can click here to obtain a volunteer form.


The teacher program enables qualified U.S. teachers to travel 10-12 days to one of our participating countries. The teachers will co-teach in a school for four days and then travel as a tourist exploring the country's natural beauty, historical locations and cultural attractions.

Teacher recruitment will begin at the beginning of each calendar year. The program sponsors a minimum of 40 teachers to each country each year and at least three additional countries are added every year.

Teachers & Families

Travel plans will be available to participating teachers. Special packages enable families to join participating teachers and also allow other teachers who are not sponsored into the program to pay a reduced rate to take part.


Download the Global Classrooms for Peace Teacher application by clicking here!

Corporate Support

Global Classrooms for Peace has several corporate supporters through cause-related marketing programs, program sponsorships and media donations. Click here to become a corporate partner.