Our Programs

Global Classrooms for Peace is designed to sponsor a minimum of 40 US teachers every year to travel to each participating country for a period of 10 to 14 days. During their time there, US teachers will co-teach in participating countries' schools with their host teachers and explore the uniqueness of that country.

After involvement in the program, participating teachers and their classes in the US maintain communication with the teachers and students in the countries they visited through www.think.com, an Oracle education foundation, online web portal. The program also intends to create online educational lesson plans and communication that support the new teacher relationships both in the United States and host countries.


Implementation in each participating country occurs after intense planning with various Government, Tourism and Education industry involvement. The Embassies and Consulates of each participating country within the USA are informed of the project and assist in contacting the Education and Tourism officials within each country for effective program implementation.

The program is implemented through the central headquarters in Los Angeles with assistance from the overseas in-country program personnel.

The educational component of the program has been designed in conjunction with experienced teachers who have created special lesson plans in cross-cultural understanding, tested them in their own classrooms and then further refined them after co-teaching them with their counterparts in participating countries around the world.

Ongoing communication and learning is enabled through www.think.com, a website that facilitates the ability of all participating teachers and students to continue to communicate with each other, create joint projects and share information for many years after their “face-to-face” portion of the program.

The promotional strategy involves filming and photographing the experience of the first 2-3 teachers in each participating country in order to create visually rich promotional materials that are used in the recruitment of teachers. An 8-minute promotional DVD is shown at teacher conferences within the US and other appropriate locations. A 60-minute television documentary is created for each participating country as well, for broadcast on PBS, UNTV and similar style networks worldwide, gaining exposure for the program and the countries featured in the documentaries. A Press Kit is provided for each participating teacher to be given to their local media on return from their trip.

Where We Are


  • Philippines
  • Fiji Islands

Future Participating Countries

  • Africa: Uganda, Cape Verde, Kenya and Namibia
  • Asia: India, China, Mongolia and Nepal
  • Europe: Armenia, Romania and Croatia
  • Middle and Far East: Jordan, Pakistan and Tajikistan
  • South Africa
  • South America: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Brazil
  • South East Asia: Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam